Introducing Our Brand New Cordless Full Size Vacuum!

Did you know Oreck now makes a full size battery-operated vacuum? They do! It’s the all new Oreck Pod:


The Pod has a run time of over 40 minutes and fully charges in 2.5 hours. There’s a handy battery indicator easily visible from the top of the Pod:


Got allergies? No worries! The pod technology contains dirt and dust inside replaceable pods so that those trapped allergens aren’t released into the air:



The removable pod fills with debris and is easily exchanged so that the dirt and dust you spent hours vacuuming isn’t re-introduced into your home in a cloud of debris at disposal. It’s all contained in the pod!


The Oreck Pod also comes with handy attachments for complete home cleaning:



Call today to pre-order your Pod for $499, or come in to see the latest that Oreck has to offer! (601-271-2026 Mon – Sat 10am-5pm)

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