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Deal For The Week!

This week we’re offering some amazing deals that you won’t find in other stores – not even online!

We have one speed Royal vacuums priced $199-225 (with and without bag docking system).

We also have classic commercial vacuums with home use upgrades, priced $250-299 (2 speeds, with and without docking system)!

These vacuums are all new, with a one year warranty and an added FREE tune up! (A fifty dollar value!)

These are great vacuums for all flooring, both for home and commercial use! Come see the difference of Oreck quality paired with small business customer service today!

Introducing Our Brand New Cordless Full Size Vacuum!

Did you know Oreck now makes a full size battery-operated vacuum? They do! It’s the all new Oreck Pod:


The Pod has a run time of over 40 minutes and fully charges in 2.5 hours. There’s a handy battery indicator easily visible from the top of the Pod:


Got allergies? No worries! The pod technology contains dirt and dust inside replaceable pods so that those trapped allergens aren’t released into the air:



The removable pod fills with debris and is easily exchanged so that the dirt and dust you spent hours vacuuming isn’t re-introduced into your home in a cloud of debris at disposal. It’s all contained in the pod!


The Oreck Pod also comes with handy attachments for complete home cleaning:



Call today to pre-order your Pod for $499, or come in to see the latest that Oreck has to offer! (601-271-2026 Mon – Sat 10am-5pm)

Small Business, Big Saving!

It’s Black Friday, and we’re offering our best deals of the year!

Come in today for 20% off all Oreck machines (the best deal on steamers!), and 20% off when you buy two or more of our industrial strength cleaning products! PLUS, don’t see what you want in the store? No problem, you can order today and get 30% off!

And don’t forget, our Oreck Pure Air candles are 15% off, and the XL Air Purifier air machine is 50% off!

Live local, buy local! Even if you don’t want to fight the crowds, we can take orders over the phone! Let us show you the small business difference!

Happy Holidays!

Why Pure Air Odor Eliminating Candles?

Anyone with pets or a loved one who smokes knows that odors can be an unfortunate fact of life. No matter how clean your home is, we all deal with odors at times. It sometimes seems as if odors are most persistent when we’ve tried everything to get rid of them! This is where Oreck Pure Air odor eliminating candles can help, by eliminating odors that linger in the air.

How does it work?

Odor eliminating candles work by releasing enzymes as the candle burns. These enzymes vaporize and attach to odor molecules in the air, neutralizing the odor. This doesn’t treat the cause of the odor, but it effectively stops the spread of it.

Why soy wax?

As candles melt, wax moves up the wick and serves as fuel. Most candles are made with wax that is a petroleum derivative, which can release toxins into the air. Vegetable based wax, such as soy wax, burns cleanly, slowly, and leaves no soot behind. Soy wax is also completely biodegradable.

Get yours today!

Right now you can come in and get a Pure Air odor eliminating candle for 15% off! These make great gifts and even come in handy reusable glass jars.


Time to Deck the Halls and Clear the Air!

It’s holiday season, and you know what that means! Lots of dust stirred up while cleaning and decorating, plenty of coughs and sniffles, and the odor of dozens of different dinner dishes mixed with Aunt Ethel’s perfume!

It’s festive and fun and sometimes overwhelming!

That’s why you need an Oreck Professional Air Purifier! The patented Truman cell traps dust, dander, and allergens while the odor absorber removes pesky odors and harmful organic compounds from the air. With different speed settings, you can filter the air more quickly while cooking and cleaning, and then turn down your purifier to a silent setting when company has arrived.

With the Truman cell technology, you don’t have to worry about replacing your filter. You just wash it with our Air Purifier Cell Cleaner once a month, and it has a handy indicator light to remind you in case you forget.

The Air XL Professional comes in black with brown accent and silver and black. These air machines are the perfect size for a bedroom, kitchen, or small den. Regularly priced at $399, we are offering a 50% discount this week only through our Holiday Phone In Special! Just call us at 601-271-2026 during business hours and mention this special for your incredible discount, and we’ll take your payment (by card) over the phone! No traffic, no lines, you can avoid the holiday rush! We will call you when your order is in and even offer limited delivery, at our expense, for out of town customers.

*pictured: silver and black Air XL, showing pre-filter and Truman cell

Got Pet Stains and Odors?

No Return is an industrial strength product used for eliminating localized stains and is formulated to fight odors! Use on pet stains and any troublesome spots on fabric and carpeting! No Return is two products in one and specially designed for pet problems. For extremely stubborn stains, you can use No Return with our Dry Carpet Cleaner (demonstrations available upon request).


Video here